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Offshore Direct Metals is a trusted aluminum extrusion supplier serving customers from coast to coast. From industrial aluminum extrusions to custom aluminum profiles, our products are premium quality and can be custom-designed to meet the most exacting specifications of our customer companies.

Our in-house extrusion experts consult directly with company teams, helping them to design and manufacture a wide range of aluminum products. Customer companies that use our extrusions are able to effectively streamline their operation while noticeably reducing supply costs.

Offshore Direct Metals has a significant global presence. We source aluminum products from around the globe and ship those products directly from the factory floor to the customer. Our exclusive Floor-to-Door logistics protocol serves to dramatically reduce overhead costs.


A Leading Aluminum Extrusions Company in Florida

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Offshore Direct Metals is focused on customer satisfaction – from quality materials to just-in-time deliveries, to highly personalized service. We have partnerships with the best aluminum extrusion mills in Southeast Asia, with facilities to accommodate even the most demanding requirements.

Our mill partners are equipped with cutting-edge extrusion presses, oxidation production lines, and an electrophoresis production line. These mills specialize in a huge range of custom profiles to meet the needs of industries that are now making use of the custom aluminum extrusions.

At OD Metals we purchase only from suppliers who subscribe to ASTM Technical Standards. In this way, we ensure recognized quality standards for all of the products that we source. We also prefer suppliers that have ISO Certification (International Organization for Standardization).

We are focused on customer satisfaction

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Industries Around the Globe


More and more, industries large and small are utilizing aluminum extrusions to fulfill their needs. Because the benefits of aluminum far exceed other comparable metals, the material has become exceptionally popular for industries worldwide. With its incredible versatility, custom aluminum extrusions are used to successfully manufacture simple products and complex products alike.

Aluminum is resistant to corrosion, low in weight, and with high strength ratio. These attributes, along with high conductivity, make aluminum extrusions a perfect solution for industries that build computers, electronics, and audiovisual equipment. More than that, aluminum extrusions are now the product-of-choice for major industries like aerospace, marine, and automotive industries.


On occasion, businesses of all sizes and industries need a “one-off” product. When that happens to you, it is imperative you work with one of the best custom aluminum extrusion companies in existence. For cutting-edge aluminum extrusion profiles, you can always count on us at Offshore Direct Metals. Ranked among the most reliable and affordable of all aluminum extrusion suppliers, we provide castings of high strength, outstanding hardness, dimensional stability, superior finishing characteristics, good strength-to-weight ratio and stiffness, high-caliber EMI and RFI shielding properties, and 100 percent recyclability. A unique aspect of working with one of the most trusted custom aluminum extrusion companies is that we also provide assistance with our customer’s designs, samples, and drawings. In addition, our R&D; division has the experience and expertise to custom design molds as well as create in-house tooling. Contact us today for professional assistance.


We at ODM provide our customers with the most comprehensive range of competencies as custom aluminum extrusion suppliers. Our team is committed to “100% Customer Satisfaction,” allowing us to build long-lasting relationships with our clients while providing the highest quality of custom aluminum extrusions.

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